Version 1.0 (Jul 2009)

Version 1.1 (Jan 2010)
    - Added option for 2σ confidence lines
    - Bug fix: It is no longer necessary to save and open newly entered data before they can be plotted.
    (update based on feedback by Glenn Berger and Çağin Güneş)

Version 1.2 (Feb 2010)
    - Further improvements to the confidence lines.

Version 1.3 (Mar 2010)
    - Important bug fix in the OSL central age algorithm!
    - More intelligent placement of decimal points on the radial scale for small values.
    - Introduction of a maximum likelihood estimator for 'other' data, using a different algorithm than, but yielding the same results as the OSL method.

Version 1.4 (Jul 2010)
    - Fission track χ2 p-values are now properly formatted with 2 significant digits.

Version 2.0 (Sep 2010)
    - Major overhaul of the program. The 'Luminescence' option has been removed ('Other' option should be used instead). Normal mixture models have been added, including an option to automatically choose the number of age components.

Version 2.1 (Apr 2011)
    - Bug fix: it is now possible to plot negative values using the "Linear" option of the "Transformation" menu.
(update based on feedback from Tom Stevens).

Version 2.2 (Jun 2011)
    - Bug fix: Fission track mixture models now work with zero counts, and zero dispersion samples are cut off to three digits in the radial plot legend.
    (updates based on feedback from Christoph von Hagke and Linda Kirstein).

Version 2.3 (Oct 2011)
    - Bug fix: an error made during the upgrade from version 2.1 to 2.2 caused erroneous zero dispersions, and dispersion values for 'other' data were erroneously normalised to the mean in previous versions of RadialPlotter!
    (update based on feedback from Andy Carter).

Version 3.0 (Feb 2012)
    - Major upgrade. RadialPlotter now offers the option to plot data as Kernel Density Estimates, Probability Density Plots, and Histograms. To take advantage of this option, select the OptionsOutput menu.
    - The Mixture Modelling functionality has been modified to be more robust, and now also produces uncertainty estimates for the peak locations and mixing proportions.
    - The input table has been fixed, so that changes are immediately transferred to output window when the Plot button is clicked.

Version 3.1 (Mar 2012)
    - Improved robustness to input errors and negative values.
    - Improved scaling of the density plots. Clicking on the plot rescales the y-axis.
    (update based on feedback by Tom Stevens and Nikolas Michael)

Version 3.2 (May 2012)
    - Added an option in the 'Attributes' menu to specify a custom KDE bandwidth.

Version 3.3 (Jun 2012)
    - It is now possible to save various settings (data transformation, colours etc.) in a preferences file. This option can be selected in the Options -> Settings form.
    - The input table was extended to 1000 rows and the PDP option has been turned off in the density plot by default.
    - Fixed a bug causing anomalously high P(χ2) values in all previous versions of the program!

Version 3.4 (Sep 2012)
    - Some changes to the density plots as discussed on the DensityPlotter website.
    - The sample size is now reported in the legend of radial plots as well as density plots.
    - The program used to 'forget' the number of peaks in the mixture models if other options were changed. This problem has been fixed.
    (update based on feedback by Peter Clift and Andy Carter)

Version 3.5 (Dec 2012)
    - Added a three parameter minimum age model to the Mixture Models function.
    (feature requested by Jakob Wallinga)

Version 4.0 (Jan 2013)
    - Modified the scaling of the histogram bins. The setting are now according to bin width instead of number of bins.
    - Fission track labels in the density plots were made consistent with the radial plots (i.e. using 'ka' and 'Ma' instead of '103' and '106').
    - Bug fix: the minimum age model no longer hangs with zero tracks.
    - The PDF output now embeds the fonts, rather than converting them to paths. This makes editing the vector graphics much easier. PDF is now also the default format, with PNG still offered as an alternative option.
    - Improved fonts (special symbols for χ2, σ and ±). Additionally, the font size of the text now scales with the size of the graphics window. Tip: the best ('smoothest') PDFs are generated by maximising the graphics windows before saving your plot.
    (updates thanks in part to feedback from Alejandro Bande and Andy Carter)

Version 4.1 (Mar 2013)
    - Copy & paste from MS Excel now also works on Macs (Cmd-c, Ctrl-v).
    - Clicking on the KDEs now shows the age of the point on which you clicked. To zoom and rescale the Y axis, Ctrl-click.
    - Tick marks on the X axis of radial plots have been adjusted to accommodate high precision data such as U-Pb ages.
    (updates based on feedback from Chris Spencer and Matt Horstwood)

Version 4.2 (Apr 2013)
    - Addition of command line options enabling batch processing.
    - Prettier tick marks on the density plots.
    (updates based on feedback from Martin Rittner)

Version 4.3 (Jun 2013)
    - Higher resolution graphics
    - Ability to visualise the location and error distribution of the input data on the density plots as individual bell curves or ticks whose height is proportional to the analytical precision
    - More intelligent placement of X-axis ticks and labels on the density estimates, in log-space

Version 4.4 (Jul 2013)
    - Fixed a bug caused by one of the Java libraries, which had hitherto made it impossible to save the graphical output as .png on Linux and OS-X. Replacing this library by a native one has reduced the size of the program by 10%.
    - Added a text box in the Settings form allowing the user to modify the height of the (option) Gaussian bell curves and ticks.
    - Minor fix to the tick labels, removing overlapping labels on some log-scales.
    - Update (July 31, August 5): fixed bugs caused by the upgrade, affecting the Save Plot function on, first, the command line and, next, the GUI (thanks to Christian Seiler and Sean Sanguinito for reporting these bugs)

Version 4.5 (Sep 2013)
    - Further fixes to minor bugs caused by the previous upgrade.

Version 4.6 (Oct 2013)
    - Re-established the ability to set custom axes, band- and binwidths. Hopefully all the bugs arising from the upgrade from 4.3 to 4.4 should be fixed now!
     (thanks to Kirsten Sauer for reporting the bug)

Version 4.7 (Nov 2013)
    - No longer changes the kernel bandwidth when rescaling the x-axis.
    - Alt-S and Ctrl-W keyboard shortcuts now also work when the plot window is in focus.
     (update based on feedback from Ian Miller and Luigi Solari)

Version 5.0 (Dec 2013)
    - Important update for OSL users. The program now allows zero and negative doses to be plotted on a log scale. This is achieved by a log(D + a) transformation (Galbraith, Ancient TL vol 1, 2010).
     (feature requested by Jasper Van Nieuland, Christina Neudorf and Tom Stevens)

Version 5.1 (Jan 2014)
    - Fixed a minor bug in the central age calculation algorithm, which failed to converge for certain high precision datasets.
     (bug reported by Yuntao Tian)

Version 5.2 (Jan 2014)
    - Implements adaptive kernel density estimation according to Abramson (1982, Annals of Statistics).

Version 5.3 (Feb 2014)
    - Adds an option to use Epanechnikov kernels instead of the default Gaussians.

Version 5.4 (Mar 2014)
    - Adds the ability to normalise the area under the density estimates to a common value for one or several samples.

Version 5.5 (Mar 2014)
    - Automatically checks for updates.

Version 5.6 (Apr 2014)
    - Fixed bug in adaptive kernel density estimates which produced a narrower bandwidth when zooming into the time scale.
    - Sample size (n) in the density plot legend now counts only the samples falling within the range of the time axis.
    - For clarity, the area textbox in the density plot Settings menu is no longer editable when the normalise checkbox is unticked.

Version 6.0 (Apr 2014)
    - Added option to save radial plots (and KDEs) as .csv files for use in MS Excel etc.
     (feature requested by Moritz Kirsch)

Version 6.1 (Sept 2014)
    - Updated the x-axis label of the radial plots for negative values from 'σ/t' to 'σ/(t + offset)'.
    - Made the adaptive bandwidth selector invariant to rescaling of the time axis.
     (updates based on feedback by Micha Dietze, Chris Lewis and David Barbeau)

Version 7.0 (Oct 2014)
    - Added functionality to add KDEs to radial plots ('abanico plots').
    - Old preferences files are automatically cleared following a software upgrade.
     (second part of the update based on feedback from Kurt Hollocher).

Version 7.1 (Nov 2014)
    - Fixed minor bugs caused by the previous update.

Version 7.2 (Dec 2014)
    - Smarter tick mark placement in density plots.
    - The Settings menu now reports bandwidths and binwidths in raw (linear, log or arcsine) units.
    - Uses a better way to clean up old preferences files.
     (update partly based on feedback from Chris Spencer)

Version 7.3 (May 2015)
    - Minimum age model now also works for negative data, allowing the function to be used to calculate maximum ages.

Version 7.4 (Sep 2015)
    - External age information can be indicated as radial markers, to be specified in the Settings menu.
     (feature requested by Stijn Glorie).